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6/4 Oxygen2050 Caring Economy free webinar


Do you have a drive for sustainable AND profitable business? Activate your community by bringing people to your own OXYGEN event!

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We’ve carefully put together a detailed event playbook, facilitation scripts, and lists of all our partners to make sure your event looks&feels like OXYGEN. We also schedule skype calls with all of our fellow organizers to help you get started.

We live and breathe sustainable entrepreneurship

We define transformative business as the one with a plan to improve the planet and the society. We believe that when it comes to growing a 21st century business a multi-stakeholder approach is a necessity. Therefore, all our events are centered around the genuine conversations between founders, researchers, corporate representatives, investors and people from other walks of life. OXYGEN events create an atmosphere of openness and present each attendee with a safe space to be, contribute, and learn. It’s time to find the others.

How to get involved 


We wouldn’t be who we are today without our long-standing sponsors. So far, our events have gathered 1000+ bright individuals and have helped many founders start their journey towards making impact. We have ambitious plans for growing our operations and are continuously looking for support.

Community membership

As a member of OXYGEN community you get:

– personal profile on Oxygen2050 website;

– own 1000-word long guest post on Oxygen blog;

– free annual access to all OXYGEN unconferences, including the 4 seasonal events;

– access to events livestream & pre-event speaker introduction;

– personal introductions to the speakers, experts & investors in Oxygen community;

– authorisation and all-round support to organise your own OXYGEN unconference;

– up to 30% off discounts to the biggest startup events in Europe;


If you run an event/community space/accelerator of your own, we will be happy to partner up to create opportunities for OXYGEN community members and your audience  🙂  In return, we always support our partners the best we can with promotion and outreach.

Our partners


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