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Who are we?

We are, first and foremost, a home for entrepreneurial changemakers – a community of like minded individuals operating both online and in real life through the open, safe space where everyone has the freedom to collaborate and support even on difficult topics.

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Keep track of all our peer action groups through this calendar. Add a new group or join one if you’re already a member of our community. If not – feel free to register and get your membership to access and edit the community calendar. You can do it all directly over here.
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Learn and get an expert opinion from one of our mentors

Oxygen Mentors come from all walks of life and share our community values. They are here to assist you in reaching your goals, staying on track with your plans and simply providing you with the support you might need in the process.

The first session is always free. After that, you alone or together with your Peer Action Group can agree with the Mentor on the level of Mentor’s involvement and potential compensation.

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Transformational stories told by our community

Oxygen community is rich with inspiring and exhilarating stories of our founders – people who come from different countries, industries and professional backgrounds and share the drive for growth and action. We therefore devote our blog to sharing those stories of failures and successes, personal transformations, and learnings. For some of us, this can be a way to simply speak up and express ourselves, for others – a way to find like-minded people, perhaps, even future partners or colleagues. Whatever it is that you have to share, take a moment to reflect how this can help someone who reads it, then put in words and send to us. Let’s keep the fire burning!

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