OXYGEN progress accelerator

As unusual the Oxygen Accelerator is unlike other startup development programs, incubators and accelerators. We focus on the entrepreneur’s path first – the business follows. In our pilot program we start with 9 entrepreneurs and 7 mentors. 

Location: online and face to face on fridays from 11-12 am at Messipojankatu 4, Helsinki

Duration: 24th of September 2019 (10:00 am) – 20th of November 2019 (5:00 pm)

Personal path, impact business


  • Put on the oxygen mask before helping others. Key is to understand one’s personal purpose and goals
  • Helping the others. We work together on the impact story; the positive impact of the entrepreneur through her business 

At Oxygen2050 we do no do sit-and-listen acceleration. The program promotes open discussion and peer support amongst the co-entrepreneurs.

The program helps the entrepreneur to be clear about personal cause and purpose, the positive impact she will have on the society and the planet through business.  The mentors are experienced transformative entrepreneurs and investors solving complex problems.

Who am I, why I do, what do I do
Why – feel what drives your true will and focus What – dream your full potential as a creator How – remove the limiting beliefs, focus on positive energy
Identify, ideate and communicate the positive impact your solution has on the world
Identify – communicate the problem and the solution Ideate – productize the solution Impact – communicate the impact you are passionate about 

Impact co-modeling with the entrepreneurs 

Jenni has been active in the impact acceleration scene through Sitra, Vertical and xEdu. She is an author and entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship life coaching

By knowing yourself you can solve any problem. Through Life coaching and Oxygen 2050 Pasi’s goal is to elevate impact entrepreneurship and investing.

Light from the north

Family entrepreneur with inner ability to sense energies Looking to co-create in harmony with other light being. Contributes the Lightyear online program to Oxygen Progress.

Mentor to transformative startup founders 

Tommi is here to grow businesses from ground to success and has a passion to help transformative entrepreneurs or colleagues to succeed in their life. Tommi is to serve as a loving mirror enabling self-development or good decisions.

To clarify entrepreneurial purpose 

As a coach he helps Oxygen Progress-Program entrepreneurs to gain clarity to their purpose and bigger why. He can help entrepreneur to put their purpose to words and to get a good picture that why what they do is important.

Ventures for a better world 

Science on economics and human transformations verifies that doing good is not only the right thing to do, but also the best business. New mental models are driving the new economy. 

jari ala-ruona


Stressless and abundant entrepreneurship 

Seeks to support regenerative and socially transformative technology businesses to significant growth. Envisions Oxygen as a home of high impact entrepreneurs and investors at the forefront of a movement for a better world.

Program 7.6.2019


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Welcome words by Oxygen 2050 co-founders


Motivational keynotes 


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Break out sessions



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