Debunking the myths of crowdfunding for impact startup
Fans that love your purpose are real opportunity to source funding for impact startup

We at Oxygen have been thinking that one of many reasons why crowdfunding is not embraced is because of fear and shame. 

  • Pre-commitments asked by the equity crowdfunding platforms are unreachable for many. Maybe our friends and family simply can not back us up as much as 30% of the planned raise
  • We have been warned by fellows or potential investors that after crowdfunding VCs will turn away
  • Our business is perhaps in B2B and someone told it’s only for B2C companies
  • A European company can not raise from the US – and so on…

We may even feel ashamed already prior to the launch of the campaign that it could fail – or we are ashamed that the business vulnerabilities get public exposure. 

Could be some or few of the above, but we at Oxygen think we should embrace the crowds! As Oxygen we want to help you raise funds also directly from the people – in efficient online fashion.

Let’s change the reality:

  • Do innovate how to get equity precommitment, perhaps raise directly without a platform
  • Find out innovative other methods than equity crowdfunding
  • Let’s develop together a plan of action to spread the word about your campaign to increase your chances of success
  • Debunk the myth that crowdfunding is only for B2C – let’s talk about reward based crowdfunding for B2B – at our event you can meet Fundyou and discuss how a B2B can do a reward based fundraise.
  • We intend to unmystify fundraising from the crowds in order to let go of the shame and fear

We will start to explore this more in our first unconference on crowdfunding – it’s held on March 3rd in Helsinki.