Impact Marketing

Running and managing an impact startup comes, of course, with an extremely important responsibility of delivering the right message to the right audience. Finding the effective approach to talk about impact is yet another challenge that the startups have to overcome. Nowadays, the attention span keeps getting shorter and shorter, meaning that the marketing campaigns, pitches and overall media presence have to be strong enough to capture and maintain the audience’s interest.

Impact startups also have an absolutely crucial responsibility of creating a presence that clearly translates and expresses their mission. The drive towards the positive social impact must be presented throughout the marketing messages. In addition to that, the financial benefit of the impact investors must not be overlooked in the early stages of impact pitching. The key ideology lays in the balance of the forces: being profitable and socially responsible.

“While established companies are starting to really think about sustainable practices in business, some startups have been leading the way in this regard. For instance, Helsinki-based startup Zadaa was deemed this month one of the hottest young tech companies in Finland by The Next Web. Zadaa is a marketplace app where users can sell and buy clothes that match their body measurements.” – Startup Guide

Main Marketing Channels to Use

1. Social Media Marketing

Needless to say and underline the importance of this current marketing channel that seems to be taking over the entire scope of marketing. Every brand, celebrity, small business and even pet has some sort of a social media presence – it’s simply unavoidable nowadays. In order to reach the potential consumers, the companies must first find a medium where they can get a chance to communicate their vision. Narrowing down the audience and finding the right platform to utilize is one of the first few steps that have to be taken in order to reach the desired marketing goal. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and TikTok are now creating the space for brand’s authenticity with the focus on relationships and not sales.

Email Marketing

Have you noticed that every single website you go to will do their absolute best to get you on their email list? The reason for that is the power that direct email marketing holds when done right. Companies get a clear shot at pitching you their product, giving an irresistible offer or developing a stronger bond for future transactions. There are thousands of various techniques that might or might not work, hundreds of the “do this” lists and ways of getting you to click on the link. It can be challenging to stand out in the sea of endless promotional emails, but if you do – there is a truly impeccable chance of making a difference.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

As much as everyone would absolutely love for relations to develop organically, in the world of business there’s a time when one must pay for it. The rise of competition for consumers’ attention is at it’s all time high. Paying for the clicks has become the new norm. Facebook/Instagram and Google Ads are leading the game with an outstanding amount of businesses investing in the chance of being the first one to pop up in the search bar.