We are currently living in an era of absolute abundance. The market is crowded with billions of ideas, new developments and changes. Being different and unique has become more and more challenging, however not impossible. So what does this all mean for the new businesses and startups? How do they stand out in the sea of endless possibilities? Most importantly, how do they incorporate and drive the impact ideology throughout the entire process?


As we have discovered, impact angels are looking for investment opportunities with startups that not only bring hefty financial returns but also lay in line with their values and core beliefs. This means that the marketing message and the entire pitch have to now shift in order to clearly express the core ideology of the impact business. Transparency is among the key factors that come into play when delivering impact pitching. Communicating a clear message yet making sure to cover all the essential aspects of the business model is a challenging task to accomplish. However, if properly executed, it can create a powerful connection for future operations. In the process of impact pitching, the investors will be closely observing who is the person behind the grand idea. The true passion for change must always shine through.


Zeynep Ilgaz, the Co-Founder and President of Confirm Biosciences and TestCounty, suggests that connecting with the investors’ hearts and heads is a crucial part of a powerful pitch creation. Telling a compelling story is one thing, but making sure it also translates into viable actions is a completely different one. Impact investors are looking for startups that resonate with their beliefs and bring the perfect balance of social impact and financial gains. This is why creating a thorough analysis of the issue at hand is a must in the process of impact pitching. The facts must be presented. Sergio Fernández de Córdova, the co-founder and chairman of the PVBLIC Foundation stated: “It’s fascinating how many people really haven’t done their homework.” Social issues can be incredibly challenging to tackle, it’s not something you can skim through. They require in-depth research and a true understanding of potential outcomes.


Lastly, as we’ve mentioned earlier, differentiating yourself from the competition can be potentially quite challenging, yet not impossible. Speaking the truth and speaking through passion will ultimately force the creation of that unique voice which will make you stand out. Authenticity is magnetizing, especially in regards to making the world a better place.