OXYGEN 2019 | 20.11. | Helsinki

Directions to the venue here:

Surf House Helsinki

Mall of Tripla, level P4 (Down Under) – note the temperature is very warm inside – bring something light with you!
Pasilantie 1, Helsinki 

Regenerative Business

Oxygen2050 does not arrange typical sit-and-listen conferences. We want to promote open discussions, so the event will be held as an unconference.

Attend and gain clarity on your personal cause and purpose, the positive impact you will have on the society and the planet through business. Let’s get that financed!

Entrepreneurs change the world. 

Our event looks into solutions to global challenges instead of problems, we will discover tools to invite commercial finance to impact and gather stories of entrepreneurs that work on the challenges through their business. 

The next Oxygen2050 event investigates:

  • Regenerative business – planet positive business
  • Financing transformative impact business
  • Conscious Entrepreneurship – Heal yourself, heal the world
  • Your voice, purpose and business needs to be heard

Oxygen2050 does not arrange typical sit-and-listen conferences. We want to promote open discussions, so the event will be held as an unconference.

Conscious Entrepreneurship

Heidi is the initiator and co-founder of Amara Collaboration. Her and Amara’s vision is to double the worldwide leaders with transforming capacity in order to shift towards a more conscious world, with sustainable, aware decision making. Heidi calls out for more kind, humble, courageous and collaborative approach in this developmental inquiry.

Regenerative business

Regenerative means a thriving circular ecosystem which renews itself, based on reciprocity. As indiginous wisdom holds: we take from nature, and we give back. The current extractive economic system has resulted in an escalating ecological crisis because we forgot to include nature in global accounting systems. Earth Positive is a regenerative economic model which includes nature

Innovation and The Overton Window – ways to drive change in a time of need

In times of crisis, we need drastic measures. But, what is possible without destruction or end of democracy? What matters of the climate crisis are obvious, which are controversial, and which are probably outside what democracy can manage?

Hampus Jakobsson is an investor focused on climate. He spent the last two years at Blueyard, and before that he co-founded Brisk (folded) and TAT (acquired by Blackberry). He has angel invested in 100+ companies and blogs at www.hajak.se.

Oxygen 2018 is unusual.

There is no formal agenda beyond the main theme “Rethink! Ventures for a better world” and the two key notes. Everyone joining is a participant and can propose a topic. By crowd-sourcing we will together determine the content of break-out session. Starting point is your ideas. Schedules may be overwritten or rewritten. Come as who you are, rather than as a representative of your employer.

We hope that participants are inspired by one another and enhance the joint intelligence. Let yourself explore in fascinating sessions and accidental conversations.

Depending on the topics and how popular each is we will decide whether to run the sessions as fish bowls, ignite talks or round table discussions.