OXYGEN 2019 | 24.4. | COPENHAGEN

Location: Grant Thornton, Stockholmsgade 45, 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark

Time: 12.30pm – 5pm

The event is co-organized with  Bancore, Impact X, Global Enabler, Aion, 3B Advisory and Africa Innovation Network


Let’s finance purpose and profit


Positive Business Impact as disruption. Incentives for collective goals, good corporate citizenship, smart use of technologies with all stakeholders. 

Oxygen2050 does not arrange typical sit-and-listen conferences. We want to promote open discussions, so the event will be held as an unconference.

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Program 24.4.2019


Doors open and networking.

1:00 pm

Welcome words 

1:15 pm
2:00 pm

Open sessions agenda setting 

2:30 pm

Break out sessions

4:00 pm

Session presentations

4:30 pm

Panel discussion

5:00 pm


Program 4.12.2018

12:30 pm

Doors open

1:00 pm


2:00 pm

Open sessions agenda setting


Open sessions 

4:00 pm

Session presentations

4:30 pm


5:00 pm


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Rethinking Ownership as Oxygen for Business Change

Growth companies are financed in hopes of value creation in a short time period. The standard equity finance and governance models hook companies to excessively short-termed growth seeking.

Founders of companies are often intrinsically motivated. Growth and profit are important, but ulterior motivation derives from purpose. The challenges of our time call entrepreneurs, their investors, customers and stakeholders at large to stake for the mission and the purpose of their institutions.

Such purpose driven companies are in business for the long term. The standard set by time-constrained investment funds with governance models on control rights and aggressive search for short term, massive returns – is not a good match.

Oxygen 2019 (Feb 15 edition) calls to explore new models for purpose companies – discussion on unconventional ownership, governance and investment models that could help us build more responsible businesses.  

We want to re-define ownership and governance structures that cater for profit delivery to the investors, yet are legally defensible and support the purpose of the Company

Join us in building good and profitable businesses – for a better society and to protect the nature.

Oxygen2050 is unusual.

There is no formal agenda beyond the main theme and the keynotes. Everyone joining is a participant and can propose a topic. By crowd-sourcing we will together determine the content of break-out session. Starting point is your ideas. Schedules may be overwritten or rewritten. Come as who you are, rather than as a representative of your employer.

We hope that participants are inspired by one another and enhance the joint intelligence. Let yourself explore in fascinating sessions and accidental conversations.

Depending on the topics and how popular each is we will decide whether to run the sessions as fish bowls, ignite talks or round table discussions.