March 3rd 2020 Event 


Your voice is equal to everyone else at Oxygen. Join our inspirational keynote speakers in open space sessions.  


Equity Crowdfunding

Investors are increasingly investing in unlisted growth companies via equity crowdfunding. But why? Are they in it for the money, for the impact, or both? Anna conducts research on equity crowdfunding campaigns, companies, and investors at Aalto University. In collaboration with the fintech platform Invesdor, she has assessed investors’ motivations, decision criteria, and sustainability orientation.

Fundraising for impact

Anna Juusela is the CEO and co-founder of We Encourage, an impact start-up developing a completely new digital solution to prevent child and forced marriages and to empower women. We Encourage acts as a fundraising agent for NGOs and Small-Scale Fundraisers whose causes are aimed for helping women and girls. We Encourage Fundraising helps NGOs to serve their customers aka donors better by creating transparency and trust. To accompany their fundraising solution they are building a conversational AI tool for the victims of honor-based violence, forced marriages etc. 

Custom crowdfunding

Norded is specialized in custom crowdfunding service packages for companies wanting to launch their product in the large US market.  

Sebastian Wikström

COO Fundu

Loan based funding

Sebastian is the COO of Fundu, a digital platform offering loan based funding. Sebastian has many years of experience from financing. He was responsible for Nordea Crowdfunding, the world’s first equity crowdfunding service offered by a major bank. Later he has worked as a financial consultant with focus on sustainable finance. He is an undergraduate student of Environmental Sciences at the University of Turku

Tanja Jänicke 

Co-founder of Yhteismaa ry and Mesenaatti

Inclusive platforms

Tanja Jänicke is an innovative service designer and have been participating the creation and design of several inclusive platforms, such as Siivouspäivä, Illallinen Suomen taivaan alla, Nappi Naapuri and mesenaatti.

She is also couching and giving key note lectures on themes like participation, inclusivity, co-creation, sharing economy and crowdfunding.