February 15th 2019 Event 

Juho Makkonen

Democratize the Sharing Economy

Juho is the CEO and Co-Founder of Sharetribe. Sharetribe’s software helps entrepreneurs and organizations create their own sharing economy platforms (like Airbnb or Uber) quickly and with a low budget. Their mission is to democratize the sharing economy by making platform technology accessible to everyone.

Yonathan Parienti 

BlockChain Technology contribute to building a more Sustainable and Harmonious World benefiting all

Yonathan Parienti, former senior executive in major banking groups such as JPMorgan or Bank of China, left a promising career in finance to pursue his passion for social entrepreneurship and philanthropy. He resolved to found Horyou, the social network for social good, to advocate a more humanistic approach to technology.
He introduced Spotlight, the first global social curency, to be used within the Horyou community with the aim to promote philanthropy leveraging social media.
He is a regular speaker in International forums on the subject of “Revolutionizing Philanthropy” or “Blockchain With a Purpose”, and has notably spoken at the UNESCO, the United Nations and other Governmental Conferences on topics related to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.
Yonathan Parienti had the opportunity to share his vision on leveraging Digital Currency to support Social Inclusion and Positive Circle of Interaction at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Hyderabad, India, being invited by The White House, the U.S. State Department and the Government of the Republic of India.
He shared his insights on “BlockChain with a Purpose” and how this technology can foster Social Good in conferences like the Token Sky forum in Tokyo, the Social Innovation and Global Ethics Forum – SIGEF -, the UBS Philanthropic Forum, the Wealth Beyond Asia Summit, or the World Summit on the Information -WSIS Society – ,organized by the International Telecommunication Union and other UN Agencies.
Mr. Parienti is founder of HoryouToken – HYT -, a leading Utility Token supporting Social Good recently launched on several Token Exchanges. Dedicated to enhance Social and Economic Inclusion, with apotential of Mainstream Adoption, thanks to its disruptive “Proof of Impact” philanthropic mechanism, HoryouToken aims at opening a new path, where BlockChain Technology contribute to building a more Sustainable and Harmonious World benefiting all.

Mikko Alasaarela

The road to benevolent capitalism: how entrepreneurship can solve problems nation states are unable to solve.

Mikko is founder of several companies to fulfill his passion. He advices on topics of AI and blockchain, tokenization.

Inbot, his current startup is about trust in people and business networks based on blockchain and AI. Inbot helps companies connect with customers, investors, and key hires all over the world.

Mikko is investigating Token Collateralized Loans, tokenization, blockchain governance so that customers, investors and the community can benefit from value creation of a platform.

Mikko’s keynote will explore, how:

1. We already have a technological abundance, but it is not yet available to everyone due to human greed.
2. The power has shifted to large technological giants, who rapidly erode the funding and power of nation states.
3. The current form of democracy is unable to change the societal model at the pace of technological advances.
4. We need benevolent entrepreneurship to provide universal basic services and equal opportunity participation to the economy.

Arne Peder Blix

Friendly economics and ownership models for free, decentralized, private computing

Arne is the CEO and Founder, Friend Software – the operating system of the Internet. He is a proven serial tech-entrepreneur with several successful exits to his name. In 2002, Arne co-founded and bootstrapped Accurate Equity, a FinTech SaaS and professional services company within equity based incentives design, accounting, valuation and disclosure, until he sold it to a major PE in 2015. The company was renamed Equatex and was sold to Computershare for 419 mUSD in 2018. As investor and Chairman of MeaWallet 2015-16, Arne led the re-structuring and sale of a FinTech SaaS mobile payment infrastructure company (tokenization of VISA, Mastercard and Amex) to INVUO (Nasdaq).

In 2014, Arne co-founded Friend Software Corp which has developed a new independent open source decentralized internet OS. Friend gives the user a virtual computer that can be reached from any device via a browser. Friend Software Corporation believes access to computing is a human right and should not be oligopolistically controlled by the incumbents. Friend seeks to build a world that delivers the promise of the Internet age and unleashes the creativity of every person, outside the grasp of “Big Tech”.

Christian Aspegren

Un-conference discussant on ownership

Executive Chairman (COB), Enabler Corporation
Christian knows Disruption and Disruptive Phenomenon both from Academy and Industry. He has been engaged in disruptive innovations since 1973. Christian has helped many large organizations take leadership by creating new change vehicles. He is also a serial entrepreneur having established several fast-growing ventures. At Global Enabler he is designing new Enabler Services, which are needed to manage High Impact Solutions that solve Big Global Problems.