November 20th 2019 Event 

Your voice is equal to everyone else at Oxygen. Join our inspirational keynote speakers in open space sessions. 

Conscious Entrepreneurship

Heidi is the initiator and co-founder of Amara Collaboration. Her and Amara’s vision is to double the worldwide leaders with transforming capacity in order to shift towards a more conscious world, with sustainable, aware decision making. Heidi calls out for more kind, humble, courageous and collaborative approach in this developmental inquiry.

Regenerative business

Regenerative means a thriving circular ecosystem which renews itself, based on reciprocity. As indiginous wisdom holds: we take from nature, and we give back. The current extractive economic system has resulted in an escalating ecological crisis because we forgot to include nature in global accounting systems. Earth Positive is a regenerative economic model which includes nature

Impact Finance

How Nordic investors approach impact investments? Richard is a leading advisor to the Nordic impact business and impact investing market. In 2017 he founded the online platform IMPACT X – The Impact Business Index. Richard leads One Initiative – it’s ambition is to identify, analyze and mature the most promising solutions of tomorrow and connect them with one percent of the capital of today. Richard  actively seeks to curate the best solutions and carefully match them with relevant investors and market professionals.