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Last November 2018, I stepped out of my comfort zone big time, by pitching my idea of using blockchain to incentivise families to educate their daughters instead of forcing them into marriage at the Blockchain Summit Helsinki. Little did I know, that pitching the idea, that I had been carrying around few years but been too afraid to speak out loud (other than close friends), would open the doors for magic. At least, it feels like magic.

At the stage of the Blockchain Summit, I was handed out a business card by Jari Ala-Ruona including the invitation to attend Oxygen2050 unconference. I was overwhelmed who, what, where, when, why? I had been working on the retail sector my whole short adult life and I was feeling quite nervous about my new ambitious dream and vision, does anyone take me seriously? I have been on my journey to reveal my true potential for years, and the idea of helping girls to get educated instead of being forced to marriage came to me like a vision, it was almost like universe had been just waiting for me to be wise enought to let go and understand what I am here for.

I was not sure what this whole Oxygen unconference was all about, and I almost forgot the whole thing until Jari send me an e-mail reminder to join. I got curious, maybe this is the path to follow and I decided to attend.

I had no expectations and I decided to be open minded, attending felt to be a right thing to do. And it turned out to be exactly that. The energy in the event was uplifting and people in there were inspiring. The whole idea of Oxygen of supporting likeminded transformational entrepreneurs engrossed me completely. I am not alone, and I am taken siriously. The energy of the event carried me and encouraged me to carry on with my ambitious dream.

I was so happy about the energy of the event that I decided to attended the Oxygen kick off meeting for strategy brainstorming and to the second event as well. I was hooked and I have been happy to actively participate in building up the Oxygen. I have met amazing entrepreneurs, who all share the same ambition and determination to make this world a better place, not just by speaking about it, but also by doing what is necessary.

Oxygen is a home and a safety net for all of us, who dare to take that step out of our comfort zone, who are willing to grasp the whole potential of themselves. Who are brave enough to speak out loud their dream, no matter how big. You are not alone, stand up and stand tall. We can make the change happen together.

Thank you everyone I have had the pleasure to meet. The rollercoster journey has began, buckle up!

I hope to meet you all at the next unconference in Helsinki 7th of June!

Anna Juusela,

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Photo by Tim Mossholder from Pexels
UFO Media Oy, Antti-Pekka Korhonen